Aug 27 2014

Your Weight Is Just a Number

This was originally a product review. That was the only intention when I signed up to get a scale. But what it turned into was much more like a numbers revelation, and why you don’t need a scale to tell you you’re beautiful.

Here’s the thing. For as long as I can remember (which isn’t typically beyond what I ate for breakfast) I have felt really content with my body. I have even on some days really LOVED my body. The point is, I feel as if the first step in being happy is to stop hating yourself, and that includes your body. I believe very firmly in this, I wrote earlier this year a post about why I don’t hate my body. Then, I reminded everyone that I’m the average American woman. I wear a size 10 pants and a size large top. I weigh anywhere between 173-178 pounds and stand 5’8″ tall. I’ve got some pretty decent muscles but nothing I’ve worked very hard to get. The thing is, I really like to eat good food and junk food. And this week, the scale told me, very clearly and down to the tenth of a pound, how bad that junk food is for me. The problem doesn’t lie within the honesty of the scale, it lies within the fact that it told me something I already knew.

Think of it like this. You’re making a pizza. It’s frozen and you’re just taking it out of the freezer to put it in the oven. Into the kitchen walks your mom/spouse/child and says “You shouldn’t be eating that, it’s really bad for you.” Here’s the thing, you know it’s not the healthiest thing in the refrigerator. In fact, you know you could probably make yourself something healthier, and more quickly, instead. And this person KNOWS you know that. The statement is not just informative. It’s intended to shame you into making a more healthy choice. I know I didn’t need to go to Target the other night and buy four bags of licorice because it was on sale and I had a craving. And I didn’t need to eat it, afterall, I’d already gone two or more weeks without candy. But I wanted to. And when I weighed myself two days later, the scale shamed me for the action I took. I looked at myself in the mirror, and for a split second, I loved my body a little less. Not because it had changed in appearance, it was only two pounds put on. But because that number (and what society teaches us about weight gain) told me I had to be ashamed.

dont hate your weight

Now, as for that product review itself? If you need a new scale, I greatly recommend this one. Just use with care and take every number with a grain of hypothetical salt. Originally the product review was found at the end of this post, but I wanted to separate the editorial from the review, for personal reasons. Please read my review of the scale here. I loved how fancy and easy to use it is. What I don’t love is the fact that it can easily cause you to body shame yourself for your eating and exercise choices. Take care of your body and love your body. Don’t let numbers make you feel less of yourself if you happen to weigh a little more today. Don’t hate your body, it’s the only one you’ll ever have, and poor self confidence rarely gets a person very far. 

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  1. neelam

    Love reading your review. I think I need to buy the scale too. Really useful. Please check out my blog too : http://neelzblog2012.blogspot.com/ #SITSBlogging

  2. Chronicallysickmanicmother

    I love this review so much. We have a scale. I actually flick it off quite often. I am content with where I am and the progress I am making. I try only to use the scale once a week. Otherwise , yes it is entirely too depressing to see those numbers daily.
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    1. Shelby

      Thank you! I had a small, analog scale before I got this one. It hid in the downstairs bathroom, for rare use. I’m tempted to hide the nice one out of sight too. I really do love it, but it’s a self-hating cycle! It’s good to be happy with your progress and not let anything let you feel otherwise.

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