Jan 23 2015

Wedding Registries: How Amazon Compares

With anything in the business of getting business, as consumers we often compare different stores and different products to see how they stack up against the competition. Today, a little over a month since our wedding, I’m going to do a little write up of how well Amazon stacks up against other wedding registry services. I feel overly qualified since I think we used FIVE registries for our wedding and know the ins and outs of them.

Amazon Pros & Cons

Perks of using the Amazon Wedding Registry Service include:

  • There are almost no limits to what you can put on it, since there are nearly no limits to the products to be found on Amazon. You can register for furniture, appliances, decor, kitchenwares, and housewares. But in addition to those typical things, you can also register for athletic equipment and food as well as books and games.
  • They have a 10% off ANYTHING completion gift. That means if you complete your registry and everything gets purchased for you, you have 10% off anything you order (must be one order) of up to $1,000 within the 90 days following your wedding.
  • They have a universal registry capability. Which means you can register for products on other websites through your Amazon registry. You literally have no limits to what you can register for.
  • Your purchasers (family/friends) get free shipping on purchases over $35 for your registry with only the restriction that the items must be fulfilled by Amazon. This doesn’t mean it has to be “sold and fulfilled” by them. Just fulfillment. That’s a big deal.
  • You can get bonus gifts based on what you register from different companies. For example, right now if you register for a bunch of Caphalon pans, you could get a free skillet. It’s pretty neat.
  • Gift cards received are, to us, somewhat more valuable. Since our options are nearly endless with Amazon, we have a lot more options as for what to buy with the gift cards we received after our wedding from out of town family.
  • Lastly, our favorite feature; As soon as a purchase is made from your registry, you can view what it was and who bought it. This eliminates surprise deliveries (which are sometimes pesky) and also, for us, built up the excitement for what we were about to get. We loved anxiously waiting for the pair of lawn chairs our best man & maid of honor (dubbed Best Couple, since they’re a couple) bought for us.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry Here

Why it’s better than Kohl’s Wedding Registry.

  • The Kohl’s registry gets really picky when an item isn’t available online, but only in store. It makes you go through them as action items to update/remove them frequently. You don’t have to remove them, but it continues to prompt it and it’s annoying.
  • It will tell you when an item is purchased, and what it is, but not who it’s from. Which is confusing to me and seems to serve no purpose.
  • You do get 10% registry rewards between the registry date and your wedding date, which goes up to 15% after your wedding for 90 days.
  • Going to Kohls to use a gift card was frustrating for me. A $50 gift card only gets you 2 bath towels because they cost so much.

Why it’s better than Target Wedding Registry.

  • Target also tells you when something is purchased but not who purchased it. The idea of showing the item but hiding the gifter just seems awkward to me.
  • Gift cards are a bit more readily usable as I can go to a physical store to buy something with them, however they still couldn’t possibly provide all the options Amazon does.

Why it’s better than Walmart Wedding Registry.

  • You can’t view any of the registry benefits or perks without creating a registry. We didn’t use Walmart to register but for research purposes, it was the only one where it was impossible to find information on it.

Why it’s better than The Container Store Gift Registry.

  • We did register with The Container Store! I don’t have a clue why as it’s the most limited option possible. There are also no perks or special benefits or discounts.

I definitely encourage anyone who is getting married in the upcoming months to year to get their registry started and to use Amazon for at least one of your options. I believe more of our friends and family used this option, which was unexpected for me as I typically think my family would’ve preferred Target and done the old fashioned print-out registry shopping method.

If you plan on creating one, go ahead and use this link or the banner below. It is an affiliate link and I appreciate your support :)

wedding registry amazon

This post was not sponsored by Amazon or it’s affiliates or any other entity. All opinions are my own. The links are affiliate links which help support domain and hosting fees for this website.

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