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Sep 10 2014

Discussing Homosexuality With Your Kids

homosexuality equality love

So, I’m sure that as the school year progresses and kids are rekindling their friendships with all their schoolmates, a parent might have a few concerns about answering their tween/teenager’s inevitable questions. Your kid may come home asking all kinds of questions you’re not prepared to answer. Like “Mom, I had my period today, how …

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Sep 07 2014

The Hottest Almost-Husband of the Year

hottest husband of the year

Just scrolling through my facebook feed yesterday, I saw this link on Redbook Mag to vote for the 2015 hottest husband award. I couldn’t help but think “If only Nick and I had been married when this contest started.” Although, by any qualifier, we will be before 2015 starts, so I think he should’ve still …

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