Sep 01 2014

Reasons I Can’t Do Anything: A Story of Procrastination

Nick:”What’s your plan for tonight?”

Standing downstairs in the kitchen, with the pantry doors wide open, I begin to rattle off a list of reasons I absolutely cannot be productive tonight. I’m a master procrastinator right now. My to-do list is long. I still have to make Kinder lunch. I still have to print Thank You cards for last week’s birthday boy. And I definitely won’t be able to write, read or even finish inputting the new data into our budgets tonight. The reasons why are flowing endlessly through my mind.

“We don’t have any candy. The beers left in the fridge are for beer bread.”

“Deer bread?” says Nick

“No, BEER bread. And I can’t do anything productive without either beer or candy. Or cookies.”


“I could make cookies.”

“What kind of cookies?”

“Dough cookies.” I say, as if there isn’t any other kind. See, I love making eggless cookie dough and eating it raw. It’s nearly one of my favorite treats and it only takes about 5 minutes to make. Currently I have a few recipes I like to rotate through, like this sugar cookie one, and this cake flavored one.

“We have oatmeal for oatmeal cookies, but we don’t have any raisins.”


“I can’t make peanut butter cookies because we don’t have any peanut butter right now.” I ramble on.

“Wait, we don’t have peanut butter?” Nick pauses.

“Of course we do, that one was a joke.” I laugh, acknowledging the 14 jars of peanut butter in our pantry. Closing the door on the food, I wander out of the kitchen muttering. “We should get some candy delivered.”

This is why I can’t do anything tonight. Surely I can’t be the only one who has days like this?

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