Jun 03 2014

Product Review: Nut Milk Bag & How to Make Almond Milk

Hey, so today I want to share a sexy, new recipe with y’all (not mine, someone else’s) and give you a review of a cool new product I got to try.

So, let me just start with a small disclosure, Zimtal sent me this nut milk bag, free of charge, in order to try it for this review, however I wasn’t paid for this post and all opinions expressed are my own. I actually used so little effort that I didn’t even search for a recipe to use, I follow Nom Nom Paleo on Facebook and shortly after they contacted me to do the review, this recipe for Vanilla Almond Milk showed up on my feed and has been sitting as an open tab in my browser since then.
Also, please note that many of the links in this post are affiliate links, so I get a tiny kickback from the website if you buy using the link.

So to start you have to get some raw almonds and then soak those babies for awhile, some nuts don’t need to be soaked before making milk, but most do. I picked up a small bag of raw almonds at my local Sprouts, but the one I linked to has great reviews and a way better price, so that’s likely how I’ll get mine next time. Anyway, I soaked my almonds overnight, about 20 hours. Based on various different websites you can soak them for 8-12 hours with the limit being not more than 24. So I made it fit into my schedule to get them prepped around noon Sunday and then Monday morning I made my milk before walking the dog. Easy peasy. Here’s my almonds before straining them. 

So I strained the almonds, rinsed them a bunch. Dumped them in the blender, added water and vanilla (remember to check out the recipe!) and blended the living day lights out of those almonds. So then I had this sexy, frothy, yummy milk, speckled with almond crumbs. 

After this, I prepped my nut milk bag in a four cup measuring cup. The nice part of using this bag is I don’t need a metal strainer or sieve, I can just fold over the top and stand it up in the cup and it holds steady while I pour. 

Then I pour my almond milk from the blender, into the bag, cinch up the top nice and tight, lift out the bag slowly and start squeezing from the top. Then squeeze around the corners of the bottom and then just squeeze several times from the top to bottom. Wring it out REALLY good. The bag feels soft in your hands and is really sturdy, so even if you feel like it may not be able to handle more squeezing, it can. 

And just squeeze as long as you can. I feel like if I could’ve squeezed more (I’m a little weakling) I could’ve got a full 24 oz. out of it. But I did get nearly that much. And it’s SO pretty. Let me just say, almond milk smells so yummy and looks so frothy and pretty. This is coming from someone who LOVES whole cow milk, but trust me, this stuff looks/smells/tastes so much better. 

And the pulp that’s left over is really dry and crumbly, which is great for making almond meal/flour for baking (which is happening in my oven right now – so I should hurry and finish this so I can check it) and it’s actually making my kitchen smell even more incredible. 

And when you’re done, just turn the bag inside out (I flipped it around my hand, so I could control it better) and rinse well. Hang it to dry and either just leave it to hang or whatever you like to store before your next use. And I promise it won’t be long, because you’re going to want this all the time. I really look forward to using this in a protein packed smoothie later today too! 

Now, go get your nut milk bag over on Amazon or for now, enter below to WIN ONE! That’s right, I’m giving away one nut milk bag right here and now! Zimtal didn’t send me one for y’all but since I love it so much I’m self sponsoring this prize because it’s great and you need one! (For Reals!)

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