Jun 13 2014

Miss Indiana Doesn’t Represent Normal

Sunday night I had the joy and pleasure of hearing Nick say to me, “Hey, some Miss USA thing is on NBC tonight, did you want to watch it?” and then us actually watching it. It’s not typically of him to mention anything on t.v. for us to watch together unless it’s hockey, football, or Graceland. As a kid, whenever possible, I’d jump at the chance of getting the remote the night of a Miss America/USA/Universe, etc. pageant so that I could watch (and force my 4 brothers if they wanted any tube time) it. I loved the pageants. As an adult, I haven’t seen one for probably the last four or five years, so I was really excited.

Neither my home state or current state made it very far, so we were basically just rooting for whoever had a good platform. We liked Nevada, so I’m proud of her for winning. But afterwards, the whole internet blew up with excitement that there was a contestant that looked “normal” during the swimwear portion of the show. I have to be honest, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to discern the difference between her body and any other woman’s body. As I saw the pictures on the internet coming up, I agreed that she did appear to have less “toning” in her midsection, but still, she’s a skinny, size 4, athlete. That’s terrific, admirable, and I’m definitely proud of her for keeping a fit body and being healthy. 
But it’s important to realize that “normal” is nothing like Miss Diehl’s body. The average woman is a size 12, (according to this article at USA Today which cites Women’s Wear Daily.) Now, I’m not saying that average is an ideal one. I’m saying that for the United States, it’s what’s considered normal. But let’s look at this from my perspective. My body is normal. I’ve had two children and carried them in my body for an approximate total of 82 weeks. I’ve experienced a bout of emotional anxiety due to an assault. I’ve become comfortable in a relationship. All these things normally attribute to not keeping a perfectly healthy and athletic body. They attribute to “normal.”
So people. This is what a normal body looks like compared to Miss Indiana. On the left is a size 12. On the left is the average woman’s body in the United States. On the right is Miss Diehl at a size 4. I apologize for my grainy, picture phone, photo.
I’m not saying I’m fat. I’m saying I have a “normal” body. I’m not saying Ms. Diehl is too skinny. I’m saying she doesn’t have a “normal” body. I’m just saying, the average American woman body type is not represented by Miss Indiana 2014. 
I’d love to hear your opinions about this! Comment Below!
Or check out this other post regarding how I feel about my body.

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  1. Bevin Fritz-Waters

    honestly I find pageantry to have pretty normal bodies in comparison to any other beauty industry. Most pageant queens still have to loose tons of weight if they get a modeling contract off of pageants.

    1. Shelby Michalek

      I love pageantry, I do agree that the bodies represented are normal in comparison to say, magazines, adverts, various other media where photoshop used constantly. I’m not saying anything against that. I’m just saying, normal, usually synonymous with average, is not a size four.

  2. Tiana Dreymor

    Hey, little cuz. You have the makings of a Wheat Belly… Check out Dr. William Davis’ book… You can find him on You Tube, or his book in the Library.

    1. Shelby Michalek

      Thanks! I’ll go ahead and check that out!

    2. Noora K

      Then, in the interest of well rounded research, check out Sue Becker’s opinion: http://www.breadbeckers.com/store/pc/The-Truth-About-Wheat-CD-FREE–Limit-1-per-order-45p3370.htm

  3. Tracie Nall

    I think you look great, and I love that you shared your picture here.

    My cousins compete in pageants, and as the “average” woman in the family, I’m well aware that those pageant contestants are from from it.

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