Aug 19 2014

Menu Planning for the Weak

No, that wasn’t a typo, I really did mean weak. I’m weak when it comes to planning menus, shopping for meals, etc. I love to buy groceries, I love to cook, but I’m very bad at planning it in advance. I prefer to just cook what I want, when I want. Which actually is a terrible method because then I don’t have all the ingredients for what I want and I just have to cook based on what I have. It’s basically a horrible, lazy cycle. So I tried (for the zillionth time) to write out a menu plan, buy groceries, and stick to what I wrote. I used Pinterest to plan, and found these recipes that I included in this week’s menu.

*The days that are underlined are dates that Nick is out late
watching movies for review and won’t join us for dinner.
  • From The Novice Chef Blog, we had these Tuna Cakes on Sunday with apples and they were very good!
  • Yesterday we were supposed to eat this Mango Avocado Salad from Laylita, but because I had planned on getting avocados yesterday but couldn’t get the car to start (that’s it’s own annoying story.) I swapped the salad days, as I had plans to have a different salad on Thursday, I just made that one yesterday and provided I can get some avo’s I’ll make it Thursday.
  • Today we’re having just plain macaroni & cheese with beef hot dogs.
  • Wednesday gets a bit of comfort food with Corn on the Cob and Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes (recipe from Damn Delicious)
  • Thursday, I had made plans to have this yummy Cucumber/Pineapple Salad from Reluctant Entertainer, however, it was enjoyed yesterday (with leftovers for lunch later this week!) and we’ll be having that avocado salad with our chicken.
  • Friday is french toast day, likely to be enjoyed with strawberries and butter pecan syrup.
  • And yes, I see you eyeing that Saturday where it says “ramen,” and I assure you, I don’t just cook up some ramen instant noodles and serve them to my family. I typically like to add some chopped green onions and whatever vegetables I have on hand, this week, if we’re not overrun by leftovers, we’ll be enjoying it will green onions, grated carrots, and sliced fresh mushrooms. I typically add them after the regular cooking time and let them steam with the lid on but no longer over the heat for about 2 minutes.
Our lunches consist mainly of leftovers (especially for the No Veggie Man,) as well as an array of fresh vegetables and fruit. Lunches that aren’t leftovers are pre-portioned in large plastic food storage containers (one per meal) a few days in advance to make everything simple. The numbers seen on the lunch plan seem like awkward code, but they’re just a simple numbering system that allows me to decide what produce we’ll have and how much of it, so that I’ll be able to purchase enough and portion enough for each meal. The code corresponds with a recipe card which I’ve written the meal on.

When school starts next week, Abel’s meals will be packed Sunday nights and sometime midweek and all stored in the fridge until their day. And yes, that means I’ll have to do a menu plan for him too. Likely, it’ll be the same thing we have here at home or very similar.

I may be weak. But I do like to make and eat good food, and it seems that having a plan makes this so much easier. We’ll have to tweak it as we go, and try not to have TOO many new recipes each week, as I think it confuses the kids’ (and Nick’s) taste buds.

Now I want to have you link your own menu plan blog post OR public facebook/twitter post (or image.) below in the link widget. I’d love to see what you’re planning! Also, if you have a blog post discussing kid school lunch, add that too!

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  1. Sydney Andersen

    Your meals sound yummy! I love simple meal plans that aren’t elaborate and don’t take forever to make!

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