Jun 26 2015

Marriage Equality – A Day In History

Today is a remarkable day in history for every person in the United States of America. Some will choose to deny the benefits, positivity, and love that surrounds this day, while others will most definitely embrace it.

I, for one, know that embracing the beauty of today is the right thing, the decision comes easily and without need for additional thought. I’m proud to say that I live in a country where 15 states declared marriage equality for all with state legislative rulings. I’m just as proud that our Supreme Court of the United States has by a vote declared it to be legal for same sex couples in ALL states to be allowed the right and freedom to marry whom they love. I don’t know what this does for people who identify as transgender/transsexual, but I am curious to find out. I certainly hope all people are included in this ruling, regardless of their gender orientation.

marriage equality transgender rights

In the meantime, I’m putting a hold on the scheduled posts I had for today and this weekend and celebrating. I also did something I had promised myself long ago that I would do. I applied for (and was accepted into) ordination with The American Marriage Ministries. This non-denominational, interfaith church believes in the right for all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexuality to marry and to select a minister to marry them without prejudice.

I’m now ordained to perform marriages in the state of all states, but most importantly the state of Texas. Now, while we wait for Governor Abbott to quit dicking around and let the courthouse grant licenses (which already have a 2-day hold period from issuance to marriage due to state laws) you’re free to check out my minister profile.

marriage equality ordained minister

Yes, this is a real, scaled down image, of my ordination certificate.


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