Sep 14 2013

Links I Loved Today

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately. I know, it’s such a time waster. But I’m not just pinning, I’m READING every single link BEFORE I pin it. And I’m focusing my search on finance related blogs. The more you read the more you know. Because I want to educate myself as opposed to perpetually procrastinating.

I want to link a few pages that I fell in love with during my “research” on Pinterest.

She Who Makes Bills Binder

1. This lady follows Dave Ramsey’s plan also and she created this really cool binder that she uses for bills. I love the look and the organization that goes into it. I may use this system at some point. She Who Makes.

- She also links from her post to a website where you can get tons of printable calendars and other template forms as well as coloring pages for those of you who need a way to occupy the kiddos while you’re busy with your budgeting! PrintFree.

2. Some other cool binder organization tutorials and examples can be found on Dimplicity. 

3. I also, after clicking through several links, found this really adorable mail organizer tutorial. After reading through it and being slightly disappointed that it requires sewing (my machine got displaced with the rest of all our other belongings in the last move,) I closed the link. Then I quickly formulated a way I’d be able to make it without sewing and I restored the closed tab. I’ll share with you all my no sew method (note to self: don’t throw away those empty cereal boxes – gotta make a fully recycled organizer!) once I get mine made but for now, you can check out this mail organizer over at Noodlehead.

4.  Oooh my gosh these are so freaking cute.
They’re patient forms for pretend doctor playing for kids. I’m obsessed with this right now. How on earth could I not include this!? Miss Poppins: Doctor Pretend forms. 

5. Would totally be the link to Bevin’s post about their debt pay-off progress but she won’t be posting it until Monday so I’ll link it then or you can just keep an eye out on Adventures Along the Fritzy Waters.

Anywaaayyy. I’m pretty sure I need to finish up an essay or some other school project right now. Yay being a mom/professional/student all at once.

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  1. Bevin Fritz-Waters

    Posted my progress and two more blogs! thanks for the support!

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