Sep 10 2014

Discussing Homosexuality With Your Kids

So, I’m sure that as the school year progresses and kids are rekindling their friendships with all their schoolmates, a parent might have a few concerns about answering their tween/teenager’s inevitable questions. Your kid may come home asking all kinds of questions you’re not prepared to answer. Like “Mom, I had my period today, how do I keep my panties clean?” (Seriously, please talk to your daughers really early and prepare them, it will save from so much embarrassment.) or even “Why won’t Jaremy talk to me this year? We were best friends last year.” or “Dad, a weird thing happened in the boys locker room today.”

But the most important one you may be fearing or possibly dealing with is “There’s a boy in my class that likes other boys, what does that mean? Is that even normal?” So I’m here today with three quick tips on how to answer questions in regards to peer homosexuality.

Don’t assume:

Don’t assume your child believes this situation is wrong. Even if they say point blank “That’s bad, right?”  they could easily be projecting the opinion of someone else they heard say it. Make sure you instruct your children that it’s biologically normal for people to like any person, regardless of gender, in a more than friends way. Explain the social truths about love and acceptance of differences.

Attraction Reminders:

Remind your child that in the same way people can be attracted to someone shorter or taller, with specific likes of hair or skin color or length, and even the size of a lady’s chest or behind, a person can be attracted to a specific gender or even may not have a gender preference for attraction.

Educate Yourself About Homosexuality:

Lastly, if you believe homosexuality is wrong, don’t forget this step! Prior to inflicting your bigoted beliefs upon your offspring and therefore possibly turning your child into an a**hole for life, take your baseless opinion and shove it as far as you possibly can into the deepest junk drawer in your kitchen. Make sure it becomes broken in the process like the various pencil stubs you threw in at the end of last school year and requires you to toss it out when you finally sort the drawer three years from now. Your opinion on how one person should be allowed to love another is ignorant and therefore, quite frankly, wrong. And you don’t want to raise a kid that’s a completely uneducated jerk, do you?

Use these links to educate yourself before speaking to your child.
American Psychological Association
No H8 Campaign
Human Rights Campaign

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