Jun 12 2014

Date Night: Paint Your Own Pottery

Going to a movie and dinner is usually the standard for date nights, especially for long-term relationships and married couples. However, the same ol’, same ol’ gets a little, well, old. Not that it isn’t fun, but it’s important to mix it up!

It took me 20 minutes to pick, seriously.

The other day Nick & I, in lieu of going out to a barbecue for our first holiday in Texas, spent the afternoon of Memorial Day at a local paint your own pottery studio here in Cypress called Color Me Mine. If you’ve never been into one of these places, you’re definitely in for a treat. The basic concept is, they provide pre-made pottery pieces, ranging from adorably sculpted kittens, princesses, and fairies to more practical football shaped piggy banks. They also offer a lot of dinnerware and serving platters as well.

They then provide you with pottery paint, which is the same thing I called “glaze” in high school. I don’t know the real technical term, but I suspect they call it paint at these interactive studios just for simplicity sake. Anyway, you get to paint your pottery piece and once you’re done, they take it and fire it in their kiln, usually within a week, and then you pick up your finished pieces.

You typically pay a flat rate studio fee, depending on the place you go & specials, this could be between $5-$25. You also pay for your pottery. Smaller items typically range from $10-30 and larger items up to the hundreds.

It’s important to realize, the whole point of this isn’t really getting your finished product (unless you’re making it as a gift) but more the experience you have. Go with your mate, best friend, child, (or schedule a birthday party group and bring many children and other adults) or whatever and have a great time laughing about your terrible painting abilities and just enjoying each other’s company, free from technology distractions and other modern day inhibitors of human interaction.

We definitely had a fantastic time at Color Me Mine in Cypress and we’ll likely go again. Now, I’m sure I can find a number of places to put my adorable gnome. Nick’s fairy however, scares the daylights out of me and must be hidden in our office somewhere.

Yes this before/after photo is creepy. But if I have to see it, so do you.

Have you tried one of these pottery painting studios? Did you enjoy it? Let me know! And if you’re still not sure what to do for Father’s Day, give him the gift of time with the kiddos! (Because it’s already too late for you to take them yourself to make something for him, it’s okay, I always forget gifts until the Thursday before too.)

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