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Oct 18 2014

Watch DOGS – Part 2

Hi. Did you not read Part 1? You should read Part 1. It is right here, for convenience. Before I get into the banality and brutality of 2 hours of recess, I want to first talk about the patrols. Now, as part of being a Watch DOG, I didn’t just go from class to class, …

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Oct 08 2014

Watch DOGS – Part 1

I know what you’re thinking. Alright, this guy is about to talk about the hot mess that the video game Watch Dogs was. The controversy over the graphics, the awkward recreation of Chicago, the constant push backs. Unfortunately no, I am still not about to review video games. Especially ones that came out almost half …

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Sep 08 2014

My One Hour In Kindergarten

This last Friday I was given a day off of work, partially due to the fact that I worked every day of the Labor Day weekend. I didn’t care. Extra pay is nice and Labor Day is a pointless holiday. But hey, free Friday off? Fine by me as well. Instead of relaxing, I had …

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Aug 31 2014

Elementary School Has Changed

For the first week of elementary school, I fully intended to discuss the highs and lows of the week. I was looking forward to discussing the excitement of the first few days of class for a kindergarten school and the sadness of being teased by kids. But you know what, this first week of school …

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