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Sep 11 2014

Product Review: Eyelash Curler + Giveaway


Did that last giveaway end a little too soon for you? Do you prefer take-out over home cooked and didn’t want a cookbook anyway? Well, never fear, today is a new day and you could just read this short and sweet review of a snazzy pink eyelash curler and enter to win that instead! Forte …

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Jun 30 2014

Being a Mom is Hectic: Thankfully, There’s an App For That

Being a mom is hectic, literally every day you wake up and tend to the needs of other people all day long, before yourself, you play dress up and you fix boo-boos. You’re a chef, nurse, teacher, friend, chauffeur, and more, literally every second of every day. And you do it with love and grace …

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Jun 03 2014

Product Review: Nut Milk Bag & How to Make Almond Milk

Hey, so today I want to share a sexy, new recipe with y’all (not mine, someone else’s) and give you a review of a cool new product I got to try. So, let me just start with a small disclosure, Zimtal sent me this nut milk bag, free of charge, in order to try it …

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