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Apr 30 2015

Gardening: A Year In Compost Review

*Pictures to come soon*   I have to tell someone, so I will tell you guys. Today, I emptied my compost bin (a 30 gal black trash bin with holes drilled all over the bottom & sides) into a large empty flower bed area. Compost Notes: -The last 10 months of composting have served us …

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Jan 24 2015

Productivity: 3 Helpful Things You Need

After an entire early morning (I’m talking midnight to 4 a.m.) of working diligently on a project that I just couldn’t lay to rest with, I’m finding it’s time to talk and share about productivity helpers so that you’re NOT staying awake all night just to get something done. There are 3 main tools that …

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Sep 25 2014

Early Thanks Giving

thank ful for

I’ve been quite absent over the last week or so, with a lot on my mind. About two weeks ago I was notified that someone I once loved had died and based on the details I was given, he committed suicide. This situation has been hard for me to cope with and I’ve been mostly …

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Sep 10 2014

Discussing Homosexuality With Your Kids

homosexuality equality love

So, I’m sure that as the school year progresses and kids are rekindling their friendships with all their schoolmates, a parent might have a few concerns about answering their tween/teenager’s inevitable questions. Your kid may come home asking all kinds of questions you’re not prepared to answer. Like “Mom, I had my period today, how …

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