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Apr 30 2015

Gardening: A Year In Compost Review

*Pictures to come soon*   I have to tell someone, so I will tell you guys. Today, I emptied my compost bin (a 30 gal black trash bin with holes drilled all over the bottom & sides) into a large empty flower bed area. Compost Notes: -The last 10 months of composting have served us …

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Sep 15 2014

Product Review: Matcha De Mark Green Tea Powder


If you’re a frequent tea drinker and love Starbucks, the chances of having tried their Green Tea Latte is really, really good. Well, that drink is probably one of the easiest ones to make at home. There are only four basic ingredients, milk and/or water, matcha powder, ice, and a little sugar – which could be …

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Sep 09 2014

No-Bake Cookie Recipe + Cacao Powder Product Review


When I was a kid both my parents worked. When I was probably 3 years old or so, I can’t really remember, I remembered going to Grandma’s and a babysitter’s place frequently. When I got old enough though, my parent’s very rarely used babysitters because my dad worked mostly from home and on family land. The …

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Aug 19 2014

Menu Planning for the Weak

No, that wasn’t a typo, I really did mean weak. I’m weak when it comes to planning menus, shopping for meals, etc. I love to buy groceries, I love to cook, but I’m very bad at planning it in advance. I prefer to just cook what I want, when I want. Which actually is a …

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