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Jun 30 2015

Women Entrepreneurs – Jaime Tessman

Welcome to the first post (of several) in an awesome interview series about women who are in business for themselves, are truly their own boss, and work hard every day to make their business thrive. Some of the women in this series, like our first, are moms looking to make a full time income at …

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Aug 07 2014

Rental Property Management Tips from a Novice

Let me start out by stating a few facts: I don’t own any rental properties, in fact, I have personally lived in seven rented properties in the last five years. I do know some people who own rental properties, most specifically my cousins (who took over the family business when my dear uncle passed.) I …

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Jul 14 2014

Money Talks, So Does a Clean House

I have a simple theory, although it’s probably not even original. Here it goes. Money talks to everyone. Clean houses talk to those that live in them. Or more specifically, money talks to kids, clean house talks to Mom. It’s never easy to get kids to do chores, but making it fun helps. My children, …

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Jun 30 2014

Budgeting for Freedom: Hidden Expenses

So, last night, Nick and I stayed up (a bit too late) going over the numbers for our budget. He makes a pretty decent, family supporting, income on his own. But because we have used credit cards & loans in the past, accompanied by some unexpected expenses in the last month, we’re dealing with the …

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