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Sep 03 2014

Variable Bills & Your Budget Meets The Death Machine

variable electric bill budget

Let me firstly admit, I didn’t plan this post. It just came to me in a dream last night and I got up really early this morning to write it before the literary ingeniousness disappeared. Okay that’s not true either. A ¬†simple conversation with my dearly beloved sparked a few thoughts in me regarding budgets …

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Aug 25 2014

Why You NEED an Emergency Fund


If you’re basically any person working on getting out of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, on a fixed income, or basically any combination that any bill, charge, or unexpected fee over $5 can cause panic and wreck havoc on your financial situation, you need an emergency fund. “Why do I need an emergency fund?” you …

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Jul 23 2014

Is It Worth It? Let Me Turk It!

No, I am not actually cool enough to make Missy Elliot references, but I am cool enough to talk to you about extra money. I, like a lot of Americans, enjoy the comforts that money can bring in terms of extra stuff for the household. I have a lot of stuff too, especially in the …

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Jul 14 2014

Money Talks, So Does a Clean House

I have a simple theory, although it’s probably not even original. Here it goes. Money talks to everyone. Clean houses talk to those that live in them. Or more specifically, money talks to kids, clean house talks to Mom. It’s never easy to get kids to do chores, but making it fun helps. My children, …

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