Apr 16 2014

Book Review: I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir

Today I’m reviewing a book I read last summer, I also wrote part of the review last summer but couldn’t bring myself to posting it because it just didn’t seem done. I am not myself these days was written by Josh Kilmer-Purcell as a memoir, meaning although possibly exaggerated, it’s all true.

I Am Not Myself These Days:
A Memoir

First of all, a memoir about a drag queen couldn’t possibly have been any better. As Josh recounts his tales as his female alter-ego “Aqua” in this comedic tale of partying, performances, and his relationship with a boyfriend that gets paid to play a dominant for kinky parties aka. “male escort.” Through love and various other drugs, vodka, and hookers they wade through a long term relationship that provides each of them the security they crave in life but doesn’t seem to be very healthy for either of them. It also chronicles some of the really high points in Aqua’s career including round-the-world gigs for the goldfish bowl laden lady as well as some incredibly low points in Josh’s life.

The book itself is so real and raw and his way with words provides excellent imagery for the reader. I’m instantly in love (in a friend way) with Josh because he just makes you feel like his pal. I bought the book because I knew I’d get a good laugh from it, I love going to drag shows and memoirs are one of my favorite genres. I got so much more though, it was incredibly touching and emotional and I loved every minute.

For all these reasons, I’m giving this one a 5/5. I definitely recommend it. Below are links to the book, in several versions.

I am not myself these days. on Goodreads.com

I am not myself these days. on Amazon [Paperback] [Kindle]

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