Jun 30 2014

Being a Mom is Hectic: Thankfully, There’s an App For That

Being a mom is hectic, literally every day you wake up and tend to the needs of other people all day long, before yourself, you play dress up and you fix boo-boos. You’re a chef, nurse, teacher, friend, chauffeur, and more, literally every second of every day. And you do it with love and grace and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I wanted to share with you today a beautiful video, which not only showcases a really awesome app, but really does a great job of representing moms and working families. Check it out. (If you can’t view it embedded below, here’s the link.)

Do you want the app in the video? Well, I love it! And Vanaia (the app company/creator) has provided me with a code for you to get it. The app is called ScanWritr and it’s available on iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

For Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry users: Use the code SCANWRITRFREEFAXTOKEN. You redeem it within the app. No purchase required as there is a free, usable version of the ScanWritr app.
The code can only be use 1,000 times or until 07/15/14 so do it right away.

For iOS users, there are only 100 promo codes available to get the Premium version of the app ($3.99 value). So click here to view them, they’re only usable once. I’m sorry that there’s not an easier way to do this, but if the first one doesn’t work, try the next, etc. until you find one that works. I’m sorry if you’re unable to find one that works, but remember, the app IS a free use app. The promo codes only allow you to get the premium version. Again, this expires when all 100 codes are used or on 07/15/14.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

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