Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 24 2015

Productivity: 3 Helpful Things You Need

After an entire early morning (I’m talking midnight to 4 a.m.) of working diligently on a project that I just couldn’t lay to rest with, I’m finding it’s time to talk and share about productivity helpers so that you’re NOT staying awake all night just to get something done. There are 3 main tools that …

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Jan 23 2015

Wedding Registries: How Amazon Compares

With anything in the business of getting business, as consumers we often compare different stores and different products to see how they stack up against the competition. Today, a little over a month since our wedding, I’m going to do a little write up of how well Amazon stacks up against other wedding registry services. …

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Jan 22 2015

Citrus Lane: Left a Sour Lemon Taste

I’m sure you know what a subscription box is, and if you do, feel free to ignore all the words in italics directly following here. But in case you don’t; A subscription box is commonly known as a package you receive on a regular basis, typically monthly or bi-monthly, with anywhere between 3-30 items that fit …

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Jan 13 2015

January 2015 Blogathons

So, in order to fully produce success for my writing career, including that which takes place here, I’m participating in a couple blogging marathons this month, one which starts this coming weekend and the other next weekend. Since officially entering the first one requires me to flesh out my to-do list and post it here, …

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