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Sep 30 2014

California Clarifies Rape Laws – People Lose Their Minds


*There’s some legitimate adult language in this article considering the subject matter. You’ve been warned. So, as of yesterday, the State of California issued a revision to rape laws that clarifies what constitutes consensual sex. Called Yes Means Yes, Senate Bill 967 essentially makes rape laws clear by stating a sexual act must be stated clearly as consensual …

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Sep 28 2014

Focus. Coffee. Direction.

I’m at a point in my writing career where I feel a lot like I’ve come to a large intersection and I have a lot of paths I could take and I have to choose on direction before a bear comes out of the woods and eats me. I realize this sounds a little ridiculous, …

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Sep 25 2014

Early Thanks Giving

thank ful for

I’ve been quite absent over the last week or so, with a lot on my mind. About two weeks ago I was notified that someone I once loved had died and based on the details I was given, he committed suicide. This situation has been hard for me to cope with and I’ve been mostly …

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Sep 22 2014

Product Review: Adovia Sulfer Soap


I have a really special place inside my heart for things like consistency, truth, and cheesecake. When I get the opportunity to receive, give, or experience any of those things, I get really excited and happy. Well, I mean, cheesecake is the most important. The other two are just really great too. Anywaaay, when Adovia, …

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