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Jul 23 2014

Is It Worth It? Let Me Turk It!

No, I am not actually cool enough to make Missy Elliot references, but I am cool enough to talk to you about extra money. I, like a lot of Americans, enjoy the comforts that money can bring in terms of extra stuff for the household. I have a lot of stuff too, especially in the …

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Jul 22 2014

Product Review: Adovia Mineral Eye Gel

I realize this post is going up a little bit late in the day, but when naptime happens for the first time in 3 days, that’s kind of what I get to do. I take what I can get around here Anyway, today I want to share a quick review about a product I’ve been …

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Jul 15 2014

It Never Ends – Why Jada Deserves Justice

I never intended my blog to become a soapbox for my own benefit to talk about how much I dislike society. And I promise, it won’t be just that. I’ve added a tab at the top where you can instantly read all my posts about rape culture, slut shaming, and no good jerks. But for …

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Jul 14 2014

Money Talks, So Does a Clean House

I have a simple theory, although it’s probably not even original. Here it goes. Money talks to everyone. Clean houses talk to those that live in them. Or more specifically, money talks to kids, clean house talks to Mom. It’s never easy to get kids to do chores, but making it fun helps. My children, …

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