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Jan 29 2013

Home Again

November 2012 – Me and the “punks”getting ready for work and daycare. “Look Mommy! I came back to you!” Abel said as he burst through the door to our apartment and ran into my arms. My darling 3 1/2 year old son always says the sweetest things when he comes back from Dad’s house.They’re with …

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Jan 27 2013

Book Review: The Twisted Thread

I’ve finally completed The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon and I’d love to share my thoughts! Claire Harkness, an intelligent, beautiful and mysterious girl at the prestigious Armitage Academy, is found dead in her room one morning. Faculty quickly learn that this privileged girl had also been pregnant and her newborn child missing. An English …

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Jan 24 2013


I recently added my Goodreads “Currently Reading” Widget to my side bar. I love to read and enjoy sharing that love. I’ll likely review books from time to time after I’ve read them and I’ll leave the widget up at all times so you can see what I’ve been reading. I also have a lineup …

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Jan 21 2013

Something to Think About

Good evening! Monday is finally OVER for me! Or at least, the day part of it. The evening time gets pretty peaceful once the kids fall asleep and I get to relax. I normally spend this time relaxing a bit, doing a few chores to tidy up and do some writing and reading. I’m about …

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