Aug 02 2014

Wedding Planning is SO HARD!

So, due to a few budget restraints, our wedding planning has come to a frustrating halt. We’re still intending on having our wedding this December, but besides sending out Save the Date magnets to 75 family & friends, we’ve done practically nothing. We’re finding innovative ways to add extra money into our bank accounts so that we can pay for the nuptial parties, but maaan it’s rough.

I’m finding myself too distracted to work at home because Pinterest exists. And even without Pinterest, I still manage to find some of the coolest stuff. I’m slowly planning things here and there and I think finding inspiration may be helping motivate the work.

I found some awesome flower kits on Bloominous, a sort of new company with an awesome idea. Basically they have an entire kit set up for you to assemble your own flower arrangements. I should be able to get bouquets and table settings through them, so that’s awesome. They even have some really gorgeous men’s flowers as well! There’s a small chance that we may all just be wearing hockey jerseys for our wedding attire, but at least we can pretend we’re fancy.

The founder of Bloominous kindly asked that I scour through their website and designs and basically said, Hey, if you like what you see, will you write about it? And so I kind of said, heck yeah. So obviously here that is. The links are NOT affiliate links, but I really am loving this company!

Those of you who may be attending our wedding, quick poll (comment below), which design under their flower kits would you like to see at our wedding?! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Myrna Roosdett

    I like the vintage cottage collection! Let me know when I need to be there to help! ;)

  2. Leslie Rognstad

    We had a pretty low budget wedding. One of the things we did is have a potluck! We provided the main dish and the cake, but the guests brought everything else. It was also BYOB. Some people think that weddings are more fun intoxicated, but it can get expensive! Let me know of you ever want to discuss the wedding or anything! Orion is about to go back to school and I’ll have free time to help!

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