Jun 17 2014

This is Why I Can’t Be “Pretty”

I don’t know about all of you, but am I really the only lady who hates how hair spray makes me feel? I mean, I use a pretty great hair spray that’s alcohol & paraben free and 100% vegan friendly, it comes out of a squirt spray bottle, not an aerosol can, and it smells really nice. I actually love this hair spray in comparison to every other one that’s ever been on my head (and I’m the daughter of a cosmetologist) but I still hate it.

I don’t wear hair spray often, in fact I don’t usually do anything with my face or hair. I’m a wash ‘n wear kind of gal. But there are days where I need to make myself look acceptable to society, and I hate them.
Typically, I wash my hair every three or four days. On the in between days I just rinse my hair. I brush it before I wash/rinse it and let it air dry before clipping it up and away from my face. I then brush it before bedtime. My face only gets washed and then slathered with SPF moisturizer. I’m not at this point even brand loyal, because I haven’t found anything I love enough to stick with. I love makeup, but don’t wear it typically.

When I do wear hair spray though? It irritates the heck out of me. When I take out the pins/clips/hairbands I don’t like the slight stiffness, I don’t like that it takes twice as long to brush out, I don’t like that I have to wash my hair twice in two days just to be able to fall asleep comfortably. I don’t like that it looks all scruffy at the ends when the day is over. I feel like it actually looks junkier than my naturally air-dried hair. And that, just annoys me.

Maybe I’m just picky? Or non-conforming? Or possibly I just haven’t found the perfect spray for me. I think this is what Birchbox is for, to give people big ol’ samples of this so they can then spend more money on it. Do you have a spray that doesn’t make you feel all these horrible nightmares that I experience when being glamorous? Let me know. I clearly need help with my femininity.

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