Jun 05 2014

Things I Almost Bought

Hellooo awesome people! How’s everyone on this bright and lovely Thursday morning? I realize y’all in the MidWest are still dealing with disasters from Tuesday’s storm, but it’s gorgeous in So. Texas and that makes me happy.

I’ve been doing this *thing* a lot for the last 3-4 years, you know, since smart phones became a big thing and my pocketbook wasn’t such a big thing. I take a LOT of pictures of stuff I want to buy, with the intent of having this awkward wishlist dispersed through my phone of things I probably will never buy but really want to. Even just the other day, I was in Whole Foods and I had something in my cart, only to turn it back around awkwardly and put it back on the shelf. But of course, I took a picture. Anyway, here’s a few things I’ve almost bought, but then didn’t.

I mean, okay, so this Beer Making Kit clearly didn’t make the cut because I was at Whole Foods and already had $100 worth of stuff in my tiny cart. But I REALLY wanted it, so it actually made it into my cart before being self confiscated. I know I’d love this project, yet I withhold. 

So not only are these pens adorable and have adorable packing, but they promise to last you at least 7 years worth of use. That’s a pretty cool promise, right? I didn’t get one because there were too many choices and I’m bad with that. Also, because we have about 500 pens in a box (no, I’m definitely serious about this) that we’ve just collected, well, that Nick has mostly collected.
So, not only does this book look super classy and sexy – it’s a cookbook! {<-affiliate link} I love Italian food as much as the next gal, but I love to cook even more so this would be perfect for me! Sadly, that day I only had $20 cash on me and this book costs a wee bit more than that. 

So, when I first saw this, I didn’t realize it was on indiegogo waiting to be funded. I just thought it was a movie that was already made and took a screenshot on my phone. That was until I started doing the research to write this blog post. So as a correction, it is something that I went from almost buying, to definitely funding. Go fund it, I want to see this great film concept made!

Do you ever find something you’re sure you’ll buy some day and take a picture to remind you? Do you ever go back and buy it? Do you look at the picture a month later and feel thankful you didn’t, because that sweater was actually hideous anyway? Share!

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