Feb 03 2014

Superbowl 48 = Super Bowling

Last year we had a REALLY memorable Super Bowl Sunday. There was tons of chaos, blood, grocery store trips, etc. This year was far less traumatizing, but far more fun to make up for it. I’m not going to list anything this time because there’s only one thing!

Around lunch time we went BOWLING with the kids. Because what better way to celebrate the Super Bowl!? They had a blast and because Nicko and I suck at bowling so much, the kids only barely lost. It was awesome to go bowling, since the last time I’ve been was when Nick took me on our second date for bowling and karaoke.

The scoreboard shows our scores in this order – Nickooooo, Abaleth, Scarsational, and Shelbybooboo. Yes, Nick gets creative when filling out the scorekeeper.

We had a lovely afternoon, and quite possibly have just founded a family tradition for our Super Bowl celebrations. And I can hardly wait until the next bowling trip!

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