Jun 17 2013

So Cold

Just a poem I wrote. One time in that one place.

So Cold
I’m not pulling away from you.
I’m pulling away from me.
I’m retreating inside the darkest place of my soul.

I’m not angry at you,
or angry at me.
I’m angry at the pain that won’t subside.
It’s never going to go away.
Forgetting is never going to work.
Don’t leave me alone, while I’m wading through this hurt.
It isn’t you.
It isn’t me.
It isn’t anybody.
You’ve loved me, don’t leave me.
You’re perfect you know.
It isn’t you that broke me.
It is you that woke me,
The soul that bled and died.
I feel the life.
I feel the tides turning over something new.
It’s beautiful, yet I run.
I run, I retreat, I hide.
I have faith in you, but it’s weak.
I have no faith in me.
Don’t let go.
Hold me tight.
Exorcise the pain.
I want to be yours.
I am yours.
It’s cold here. It’s dark here. You’re the light and the heat.
Hold me please.

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