Aug 11 2014

Product Review: Barefaced Mud Mask

I have a new review for you all this week and I think I like this one way more than all the others. Don’t tell anyone though. I’m pretty sure that’s because it appealed to my messy little kid side because I got to slather my face in mud and freak out the other members of my household. I’m sure when I shared this picture of me on the Facebook page two weeks ago you were a little weirded out (or not, just pretend, okay?) at my witch nose. That’s cool. I covered up the rest of my face after that anyway.

So this mud mask has a few interesting things I wanted to discuss. First of all, it smells like mud. It’s not a bad odor, just, you know, muddy. It goes on really slick, smooth and even. It feels, well, for lack of a better adjective, fun. It looks gross & green and that makes it hilarious. For my second application, I actually put it on just minutes before Nick got home for work. So when he came to open the door, which I’d accidentally locked, I had to rush downstairs and open it before he had to get his keys. And in the entire process I also got to scare the pants off his innocent and exhausted self with my creepy green face.
The directions say to let it sit for 15 minutes, but it dries after about 8 minutes and I’m too lazy to do it before about 20 minutes. So roughly a half hour later, as we’re headed downstairs to complete the evening chores, I realize it’s still on and was heard muttering to him/myself while rushing back up “Hey, I have to go wash this crap off my face – but first I have to take a picture of this crap on my face.” Yes I’m allowed to quote myself in my own reviews. So you’re welcome, here’s that picture now.

Anyway, my only suggestion with this mask is to use a wet washcloth or cotton pad to wash it off your face. The SYHITWAOYFLAI (splash your hands in the water & on your face like an idiot) method doesn’t really work and makes a huge mess and fills the sink making you realize you need to Drano it soon (yeah that part was probably just me.)
Overall, loved the mask, loved making my kids go “What’s that stuff all over your face?” and then watching them be confused when I simplify it by saying “Nothing, I just put it there to wash my face.”
If you’d like to get a jar for yourself, they’re sold over on Amazon.com HERE. If you’re curious to see what I said about this product on Amazon, go here.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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