Oct 08 2015

Just Some Photos – Life in Iowa

I was recently cleaning out my cabinet when I found my old camera. I decided to pull all the photos off it and take a look through them. I found some very interesting photos, most of them (actually all of them) from when I lived in Iowa from Spring 2012 to 2014.



I bought the camera on my way to vacation in Colorado Springs, this is among the first couple hundred photos on the memory card.

Des Moines Angle 1

I took quite a few photos in Des Moines, because that’s where I lived for the first year I was in Iowa. This photo was taken from the Southside. I had to stand on the top of a picnic table to get this photo.

Des Moines Angle 2

Taken at the same time as the first one, just a slightly different angle.

Des Moines Angle 3

This photo was taken much later than the first two. I was standing on the steps of the Capitol building in the East Village.

Foster Building

Historic Foster Building, built in 1907, was in downtown Des Moines, but it has apparently since been demolished. (Click the image to view a news article about the demolition.)

Man Sculpture

This is the Sitting Man sculpture in Pappajohn Sculpture Park in the middle of Downtown Des Moines.

Parking Meter

Random Parking meter and scaffolding at a construction site in Downtown Des Moines

Purple Flowers

Some gorgeous flowers, likely outside the library, but I honestly can’t remember.

Street Light

And last, but not least, a very weird angle of one of the Downtown Des Moines street lights.


Thanks for looking through this album, a strange collection of photos that don’t even begin to break the surface of shedding light on my life in Iowa.


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