Jun 24 2014

My Children Will Never Be Afraid of Their Sexuality

Although I didn’t want to write something too hard-hitting after this weekend’s post from Nick, I still really wanted to write this post. So here you have it.

To My Beautiful Children,

You’re old enough now to understand, therefore read this, and I just want to say something really important. We’re now likely in the years of the 20’s (the 2020’s) but if it’s before that, no biggie. And you’re probably at that point where you’re not quite sure what all your body parts do, but you’re realizing that there are parts that do things you didn’t quite expect. And that’s normal. And if by some chance you already know what those things do, mad props to you. (By the way, mad props is a thing we say that means “good for you,” I think the phrase will be obsolete when you read this.)
Anyway, I want you to know the following things. You were born into an age where not long before, being homosexual was regarded as being unnatural. Living a life as a woman if you were born with male parts, was inappropriate to the general public. These things are crazy for you to know, because you’ve grown up with me teaching you that anyone can love anyone. That you can be whomever you wish, love whomever you wish, be a different-than-birth gender if that’s what your heart really feels, and we have loved every decision you’ve made in regards to your gender and sexuality. 
Because you know these things, there’s a chance you won’t realize that some children don’t have this right. It’s been taken away from them by people who don’t believe in unconditional, non-judgmental love. And you need to know they may judge you, they may say hurtful things, but you know you’re not wrong. There’s also a chance you may have a friend that is, for example, a boy who has a crush on another boy, but he’s afraid someone will think he’s wrong or inappropriate for those feelings. Don’t judge them for being unsure or afraid. Support them and their feelings. Whether openly or with silent support, make sure they know you’re their friend, you love them and their choices, and that they can count on you and us to be there for them. 
And although you should already know this, I will never, ever judge you for the choices you make regarding who you love, no matter who it is. I will, however, judge you by the type of car you want to drive. Because Ellen Degeneres said I could.
I love you,
P.S. If you don’t know who Ellen is, I’ll buy you all of the seasons of her talk show. Because it’s worth it.

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