Aug 22 2014

Kindergarten in 3..2..1

So, it’s officially the Friday before school starts in our school district and today brings about various exciting activities for the family of a new kindergarten student. I’ve been on Pinterest nearly constantly finding more new lunch box meal combinations. I followed a lunch box meal idea board and it’s been a pretty exciting home feed lately. We also participated in “Meet the Teacher” day today, so that Abel could meet his kindergarten teacher and we’re planning on making a trip to the area library today (as is typical of Fridays) for Abel’s last (for awhile) trip, since he’ll be using the school library more and I’ll just be taking Scarlet to the local library now.

For lunches, today I prepped most of the lunches for his first week. Using the basic separated lunch containers that we found at Target (made by Ziploc) in packs of two, I was able to prep four of Abel’s lunches for next week, which all happened to receive a glowing “Mom, I love all of it. It looks so yummy!” when I had them all lined up. He’s definitely going to enjoy these. Each day gets a boiled egg and a ham sandwich, along with an assortment of vegetables as well as a fruit cup. Cucumber/celery days have a bit of ranch dressing to dip and carrot/cauliflower days get cubed cheese.  I’d say I did pretty well, even without my ever growing wishlist of bento accessories.

Meeting his teacher went fairly quickly, there we hundreds of people lining about. We also were notified we had to get a car sign to hang from our rearview mirrors when picking him up, with a number assigned. Apparently that’s how they keep track of making sure the right kid goes to the right car (and no naughty people pick up your kid.) It seems like a great system.

The most awkward part about the whole morning though was that we left in the car, but when we pulled out and realized people were parking along the main street almost reaching our own street, I looped around, parked in our own driveway, and we (the kids and I) just walked.

Abel met one of the children who will be sitting at his table, and their conversation was slightly awkward. I secretly hope he’ll become friends with this kid. Awkward people are the best people to be friends with, in my opinion. Scarlet enjoyed the trip as well, but especially when she insisted on being carried for 3 of the 10 blocks, to and from the school. Thanks kid. It’s as if I wasn’t sweating enough already. I’m just glad we live close enough to walk to the school if my car ever breaks down, which it did this past week.*

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the first day of school. Follow me on Facebook & Instagram for photos on Monday, as they won’t be posted on the blog until a recap of the first week of school next Friday.

*I promise to recap the series of various events that caused us to use 90% of our emergency fund this week, on Monday.

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