Jul 15 2014

It Never Ends – Why Jada Deserves Justice

I never intended my blog to become a soapbox for my own benefit to talk about how much I dislike society. And I promise, it won’t be just that. I’ve added a tab at the top where you can instantly read all my posts about rape culture, slut shaming, and no good jerks. But for now, as long as these problems persist, I will talk about them.

Recently, a few young girls began to speak out about an incident that occurred when they were drugged and raped and then photos and videos were posted all over the internet of them passed out being violated. You can read about this incident just about anywhere. But here and here are two links to get you started.

Just the fact that this girl was drugged, raped, and had a record of it posted online is heartbreaking enough. But the fact that after that, the morons of the universe crawled out of the sidewalk cracks to post pictures of themselves online in the same positions and using the now popular hashtag #jadapose to share their disgusting-ness with the world is repulsive.

Not even that, but the harassment being seen in the comments of articles, on twitter, facebook and in various other places of people saying “Jada” (*not sure if that’s her real name) isn’t a victim, that she waited too long to report what happened so therefore it’s her fault…etc. is absurd. I want to lock them all up.

Excuse me, but many victims don’t report their rapes right away, whether they were aware they got raped or not. And there are a few of those who aren’t nearly as vile, but still suggest that she shouldn’t have been drinking or taking drinks from strangers. Excuse me, when did it become okay to lay blame for a RAPE upon the victim? I don’t care if she had one drink, four drinks, or nothing. She didn’t consent to the sexual act that was placed upon her body. She was violated. It was rape.

And the fact that SO many women don’t report their rapes right away or if ever is terrible. Our culture puts SHAME on rape. Our culture makes women feel like trash because they were raped. Our culture doesn’t ever give girls and women, or even many males, the empowerment to talk about their rape. And the fact that this artist talks about it in her last frame of this comic poster speaks volumes to me.
Thanks Crystal W. for alerting me to this!

I’m so ready for every single person that thinks ANY aspect of rape is a victim’s fault to crawl back into the sewage dumps where they belong. Because rape is never okay. No always means no.

I’ve begun a campaign to raise funds to help victims of rape, abuse, and incest through the sale of stickers & buttons (t-shirts coming soon!) over on zazzle.com where all the profits are used to fund rainn.org. Check it out here. (You may have to click on “filter” at the bottom of the left column if nothing shows up. Change filter settings to Medium or None.)

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