Jun 11 2014

I’m Way Too Excited About Appliances

Forewarning: This post is picture heavy in a sentimental way. Enjoy! So, the last house we lived in, in Iowa, was a small, two bedroom duplex. When we moved into it there was a microwave, couch, and entertainment center, owned by the previous tenant and left because she didn’t want it. There was also a washer and dryer set, owned by the landlord. And of course a refrigerator. And that’s it for basic household appliances. It was sparse and just livable. I knew it wasn’t forever, but the thing is, for the last 5 years since leaving my parents home, nothing has been permanent, and very few things have been “mine.” Forever has been a concept that just developed a fleeting definition. It didn’t mean a lot to me for a long time.

Squaw Lake, MN –  Early 2010

 The first home I lived was a condo, pre-furnished because it was actually built as a weekend/weeklong rental for fishermen, hunters, etc. in the Minnesota Northwoods. But I knew the woman who owned it and she agreed to rent a two bedroom unit to me long-term for a fair price. It had every appliance I needed and a shared W/D room.

Gulfport, MS – Spring 2010

When I left there and moved into a two bedroom apartment in M.S., it also had everything needed, including W/D IN the unit, which worked really great and since their maintenance department is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with, it was always running in perfect shape. That was cool.

Bellevue, NE – Fall 2010

In the first NE home, we had a basement with W/D hookups and a family moving to a different base gave us their W/D unit, which was cruddy, old, and actually leaked half the time (thankfully into the basement floor drain.)
That was my first W/D unit and it was okay. But being used and barely working, it frustrated me more often than not. But free is free and poor military families don’t have much of a choice. 

Bellevue, NE – Spring 2012

We moved that set into our second home the military upgraded us to in NE, because moving costs money and free is still free. I didn’t live in that second house very long, due to some probably forseen but unfortunate circumstances. I’m not sure if it’s still there and I don’t care.

Des Moines, IA – Spring 2013

I left that set behind when I got divorced, because I moved to a two bedroom apartment in IA, with a laundry room on every floor. And let me tell you, that washing machine stole my quarters, at least $0.75 a week lost, and the dryer took 3 cycles to get my clothes dry. They replaced the machines with efficiency units the month I moved out. Which made me slightly annoyed until I realized they also raised the price for both washing and drying.

Between the apartment in Des Moines to the duplex, I housesat, crashed on couches, apartment-sat, for a few months. It was a bit tricky finding a place to sleep, but for the most part, college kids were gone for the summer and they were okay with their roommates letting me use their space. But sharing washing/drying machines was frustrating. Finally, using the set in the duplex was a relief, but still. I’ve never really owned a big appliance.
Central Iowa
(1) Housesitting – Summer 2013
(2) Apartment-sitting – Summer 2013
(3) The Duplex – October 2013
Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen where this was going. Last week we bought our first washer & dryer set. We are renting this home too, but long-term. And this city? Well, we want to put in roots. This is home, our life, the real forever.

So, when we were able to walk into Sears last Sunday it was a great feeling of joy to purchase our first appliance. When I got the call on Thursday to confirm delivery time, I was overwhelmed with excitement. When it was delivered on Friday, well, I’m pretty sure these last pictures speak for themselves.
I was SO excited to take a picture and send it to Nick that I forgot to take off the sticky coverings and tapes.
Ah, that’s better. Brand new machines to wash the mountain of clothes we’ve been saving up.
I’ve probably never before looked forward to washing clothes until now. 
My teeth look artificially white here. I swear no photoshop was done, just really great lighting or something.

I’m SO glad to have been able to wash clothes at home and as a first time new appliance owner, I must say, it feels REALLY good. Please tell me I’m not the only one to extract this amount of joy out of really crazy, basic things?

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  1. Myrna Roosdett

    No you’re not! :) So proud of you for being such a strong person and a great mother through all you have been through! Enjoy those new appliances!

  2. Shelby Michalek

    Thanks mum! Back at ya. Except for the appliance part. I don’t think you got any new ones lately. <3

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