Jun 25 2014

How I Spent Less Than $200 on Kid’s Clothes (TOTAL)

Don’t misunderstand the meaning of the title for this post. To be absolutely clear, I have spent less that $200 on children’s clothes (excluding shoes) for the lifetime of my children. No, I didn’t buy all their clothes before their birth. I just simply didn’t buy more than $200 of clothes for them. In fact, I estimate it to be less, but I don’t want to under-cut the meaning of this.

My children have been wearing free, second-hand clothes or new clothes given as gifts, since birth. Most of my son’s baby clothes were given to me by a co-worker of my mom’s, who had two sons. Those clothes included sizes between newborn to about 5T. We also received plenty of new baby clothes & blankets from a baby shower my friend hosted.

For my daughter, I received tons of new baby stuff from a baby shower and my mom, but I have been getting tons of adorable used clothes for her from her older cousin. My niece’s mother not only sends tons of clothes for Scarlet, but coats, shoes, boots, etc for both my kids. We’re no stranger to hand-me-downs if you can’t tell, and although I can be picky, I definitely still get good deals.

Children grow out of their clothes far before the life of the clothing has expired, so I wholeheartedly believe all kid clothes should be reused. And when my son grows out of anything, if it’s still in good shape, my daughter gets it. And no, I don’t have a problem with my daughter going out in public in boy pants/shirts. Also, if we get some girl clothes from my niece that would fit my son, if he wants to claim them, I’m cool with that. The kid loves Dora the Explorer and Spiderman, so it’s all good. And when they both grow out of their clothes, anything that’s still in great shape goes to a consignment store to be re-sold at second-hand prices to other families. I get a small amount of cash in my pocket for this and typically just use it to get more kids clothes for, essentially, free.

Of the $200 I’ve spent on my kids for clothing purposes, roughly $65 of it has been in the last 30 days. It’s not that we’re out of hand-me-downs, it’s that my kids asked if they could get some new clothes (not caring if they were brand-new or second-hand, just new to them) when we moved, and I couldn’t help myself in the Disney store. So my son has 3 new Spiderman shirts and my daughter has two new princess shirts as well as some leggings and a skirt from a local second-hand store. And I know my parents have acquired some new clothes for the kids, as they do every summer, both used and new.

I expect that we’ll continue on a more upward purchasing of new clothes trend, but since we have a kids clothing consignment right next to our house, it will be utilized for frugal but fashionable clothing choices for them for years to come.

Tell me, how do you save money on buying clothes for your ever-growing children?

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