Sep 07 2014

The Hottest Almost-Husband of the Year

Just scrolling through my facebook feed yesterday, I saw this link on Redbook Mag to vote for the 2015 hottest husband award. I couldn’t help but think “If only Nick and I had been married when this contest started.” Although, by any qualifier, we will be before 2015 starts, so I think he should’ve still had the chance. Yet, I’m sure no one would want him to compete when they see what he’s bringing to the table.

You see, there’s no way anyone could win against his hardworking and generous self. We’re talking about a guy who doesn’t even hesitate to do whatever it takes to take care of the people he loves and takes every opportunity to teach my children new and exciting things about science and math and life in general. He wakes up early to work every day and yesterday was only the fourth day he’s had off in over two months because he works weekend overtime and somehow he still finds time to spend with us as a family most days of the week.

hottest husband of the yearBecause he worked on Labor Day, a day his company would typically have him off work, he got Friday off instead. So what did he do? Instead of sleep in, like a normal person would, he got up in time to wait with the rest of us for Abel’s bus and then at 9:15 did a sit-in for his kindergarten class to experience the teaching style of Mrs. C and see how the school goes about encouraging positive learning. Then he joined Scarlet and I for our weekly library trip and at the end of the day walked to pick up Abel from school before taking him to get soccer equipment. All in a day off work. If you think that’s insane, you should see what he gets done on the days he does work, because his dependability and commitment to his family is unwavering.

And the stresses of planning a wedding have gotten to me big time. So what did this guy do? He did what I couldn’t do on my own. He found our officiant and hastily wrote checks for the reception hall I chose. He brainstormed our ceremony and even helped me work out a few proposed processions. He’s planning our wedding with me, and that type of thing is so incredible. All of this is along with the hundreds of other things he does every day, including managing his own website and writing for mine.

I’m proud to have such a sincere and respectable man at my side and I think he’s worth of “The Hot Husband of the Year” award anyway. We have less than 100 days to go before the third word of that title becomes official. But this man is a beloved family man regardless of what a piece of legal paper doesn’t yet say, and I’m honored to be the person he kisses goodbye every morning and goodnight every day.

man of the year

No, that background isn’t fake. Cypress just has great scenery.

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