Aug 07 2014

Home Progress: The “Work Room”

This week we have made additional progress in our home that I’m beyond excited about! We moved in mid-May and for the most part had every room furnished except the living room, family room, dining room, breakfast nook, and my workroom. The family room has a television and all the electronic fun, but it only contains a small rocking chair and a full-size mattress and box spring (which was mine before moving in together, now is just extra) and that’s how it was until the first weekend of July.

We then acquired a table for our breakfast nook (which is our main & only dining area for now) for free via Craigslist curb alerts. This seems like an awfully awkward way to furnish your home, but it was free and we ended up getting a small extra table & bench set as well that is living in our garage because it needs a serious facelift. Nick originally posted the photos to Facebook, which is where I nabbed this one from.

The table set in the back became our dining table and the extra benches & table will meet my sander whenever I get a sander. Lowe’s and I have a date for a shopping spree at an non specific time in the future.

However, what I’m most excited about is a different table all together, see, just yesterday my very money savvy fiance was yet again browsing the curb alerts when he saw another dining table, but this one’s description told him the previous owner had used it as a craft table. So Nick turns to me and a few quick measurements of my workroom later, he’s headed out the drive in my SUV to pick it up. Just to give you a general sense of the workroom, these are photos I took about 2-3 weeks after we moved in.

It’s a fairly long room, with tons of sunlight pouring in one window, the doorway is actually pocket french doors, which is beautiful but not entirely functional. I worked through a huge order of doggy bandannas with the room set up like this. It was a major pain in the neck (and back.) But hey, look at this gorgeous corner of the room now!

And hey, because I love fabric and you probably should too, a close up of that, because it’s actually probably way more exciting than a table.

You probably want to know what I’m going to do with all those woodland creature fabrics. Great question. I have no clue. They’re just really flipping adorable. Our next home update should be the family room, whenever we finally manage to get a couch, so at some point I’ll have to buy upholstery fabric to make throw pillows. If you have any craft ideas for these great cotton prints, please share them with me, I’m dying to get all that fabric sewn up into cute things.

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