Jan 29 2013

Home Again

November 2012 – Me and the “punks”
getting ready for work and daycare.

“Look Mommy! I came back to you!” Abel said as he burst through the door to our apartment and ran into my arms.
My darling 3 1/2 year old son always says the sweetest things when he comes back from Dad’s house.
They’re with their father every few weeks for 2-5 days at a time and I can vouch for the fact that having your children away from you for even just one night is a painful time. I’m not just Mommy, so I fare well with them gone; but there’s always an ache that doesn’t leave your heart until they’re back.

“See you!” Scarlet waves before twisting into my arms to give me the biggest grin.

She always says goodbye to Dad, she loves her father. But the happiness my [almost] 2-year old radiates when she gets to be Momma’s snuggle bug again cannot be missed. She loves to cuddle. So do I. I’m so glad to have them home again tonight.

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