Jul 04 2014

Happy Independence Day!

I just wanted to make a quick post about Independence Day with some pictures of our Nick’s patriotism. {Not that I’m not patriotic, I just don’t have any photo evidence.} Also, I want to quickly apologize for my lack of sharing posts this week. It’s not going to be long term, but I was/am busy making a really hardcore budget plan {$100 for a month of groceries for 4 people.}

Anyway, to recap this week before the PatrioNick storm of photos. (patriotic…patrioNick…get it?…*crickets*)
Monday I shared a bit about our budget, and hidden expenses to watch for with yours.
Tuesday I quickly blogged about the awesome new cat food Waffle has been enjoying.
Thursday I shared a super sentimental post about coffee. If you don’t like budgets or cats {which you should, cats are fantastic} you can read this, because if you don’t like coffee, I don’t even know.

Without further digression, Happy 238 Years of being The Free-est Country Ever. These are all photos of Nick, which have been exhibited as his Facebook Cover photo for the majority of the last two years.

Because waving flags on water mountains is majestic.
And badly photo-shopped other mountains and John Wayne, for ‘Murica.

This was/is actually a profile pic. Same difference.

And because Nick running with a flag flowing behind him wasn’t magical enough,
here’s half of Lady Liberty and a bald eagle’s head.
And because terrible photo-shopping and excellent Patriotism seem to run in the family.
Here’s this delightful Bald Eagle and it’s reincarnation courtesy of Nick’s dad, The Freedom Bird (Yes, that’s Nick.)

One more thing, you should watch this American-laden video.

“You’re not American!! You’re not even wearing a flag on your head!!”

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