Mar 10 2015

Guess Where We’re Going!?

EINmade, my craft baby, the etsy store in which I sell my sewn creations as accessories for knitters, crocheters, and all crafters who may desire to use them, has been going some cool places.

We’re not “officially” launched yet. And by that I mean, I’ve been doing small stock updates to the shop for the last few weeks, but today, Tuesday, March 10th, is the official grand opening. The event is public and on facebook, so all schedule and other event happenings can be found there along with giveaways/free gifts.

But before I get into that later today – I’m excited because today I’m sending off my first overseas package. Last week I sent a box to Canada, but today I sent off an order to Norway! I’ve had great success so far in the few short weeks I’ve been live here in the states.


I wish I could show you on this map, but there’s TWO for Michigan!


So being a global company is exciting to me. I offer cost-effective shipping options to customers worldwide and many of the coupon codes I’ve made available are ¬†also world-wide redeemable. I’m beyond excited to see where we’ll go next!


The size of Canada makes this seem a little misleading. But look, there’s Norway!

If you’re a knitter (or crocheter, or luceter, or spinner?) I invite you to check out my etsy shop the links near the top right of this page. I’ve got a few pre-order items available as well as tons of things ready to ship!

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