May 14 2014

Fitness Tips for Working Moms & Sam’s Club Membership

Hey! So today is just a really quick post because guess what… Amanda from Eat Hard Work Hard is featuring my guest post today! So go check out my post, Fitness Tips for Working Moms (or non-moms!) {yes, I also re-read that as “nom-nom” but I don’t care.} And also with my guest post, since it’s Wednesday, you can check out the Workout Wednesday Link Up and her other posts while you’re there! Thanks Amanda!

Since part of being healthy is eating right, it’s important to stock up on food that’s good for you. Typically, it’s okay to get produce in bulk if you’re eating right, because you’ll go through it fast. That’s why I was excited when zulily, the popular deals site, put up their Sam’s Club promotion, for $45 you’ll get a year membership, a $20 gift card, a few food coupons you can use to splurge on your “cheat day” and a free canvas photo print. The $45 promotion literally pays for itself. Click the photo to go directly to the sale. (Links to zulily are affiliate links.)

Anyway! Check out that deal and my guest post today, thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you later this week. :)

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  1. Amanda H

    Thanks again for guest posting, Shelby! I just got so excited about the Zulily deal…and then I remembered that my new town only has Costco, not Sam’s Club. Boo! Oh well, thanks for sharing!

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