May 21 2014

Finally In Houston!

We’re in HOUSTON!! Wooo, after two long years in Iowa and a total of four years since I lived in Mississippi, I’m finally back in the south and I love it! It hasn’t quite yet sunk in that we LIVE here yet, but I’m incredibly excited for the opportunities we have to explore. Especially considering I have finally had the chance to enjoy my first ever Jamba Juice fruit smoothie. And man, this Mega Mango is YUMMY!

Also, I’m wasting some time on Facebook, but mostly because I’ve been traveling and unpacking for days and I need a rest. Nick is downstairs watching Josie and the Pussycats & setting up his blu-ray shelf while I “work.” And I am!
I’m working on the menu for my first Houston based freezer meal workshop, reading blogs, and checking out the promotional material I snagged from JJ. Also, getting started on a little trial of a new probiotic I’m going to be reviewing in a few weeks. See, “work” can be fun! So for the next two weeks, I suspect I’ll be a bit slow blogging, but in June I’ll be getting back to full speed. In the meantime, use the Contact tab to get in touch if you want to write a guest post.

Also if you’re in Texas / Houston, comment below things I absolutely MUST check out!

{hey hey! Any company names I mentioned here are not sponsored placement, just talking about them because I feel like it!}

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  1. Echo A

    Sounds like you are super happy to be in Texas! I love Jamba Juice, but they are pricey! I love making my own smoothies at home!

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