Use the information and guidelines below to contact Shelby for PR, advertising,  guest posting (form inquiry below,) local sponsorship, events, or feature opportunities.

Shelby Hamden
Houston, TX 77095

All emails will be responded to ASAP, not longer than 24 hours unless in extreme circumstances of lack of internet,  3G/4G coverage,  or total fatigue.

Product Reviews: Beginning October 6, 2014, we are limiting our product reviews and sponsored posts to no more than 5 per month. This includes all products or services requesting our review or discussion. This does not include books or ebooks, as those will be accepted but will not always be given their own dedicated day. An editorial post may be made on the same day as a book review. Other product/service reviews will never be posted on the same day as a book review. Cookbooks are considered a product review for the purpose of these limits.

Sponsorship: To sponsor a post, see “product reviews” above for guidelines before submitting your request. Payment terms are flexible, but I do not do sponsored posts without a full agreement of terms set prior to the product being sent. Products must be provided at least 20 days prior to the post. If I opt to not review a product due to a less than 75% desirable rating, you will be notified that I can not leave a fully positive review. Products cannot be returned. I do reserve the right to publish any rating for books/ebooks.

Advertising: To place an ad on the page, your website must follow similar interests. All advertisement requests will be reviewed before arrangements for contract begin. All contracts last 3 months and are done quarterly beginning in January.

Events & Charitable Donations: For sponsorship for your local event, or an item donation for silent auction, please submit your request to the email address above.

Guest Posting: I will occasionally write guest posts for other blogs that coincide with our tastes. Please email me above to request a guest post and describe what type of post you’d like to have me write for your website. Do not use the form below unless you are inquiring about posting on this blog.

To Inquire About Guest Posting: Please use the form at the below

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