Jan 14 2017

How We Cloth Diaper On The Cheap

My Cloth Diaper Experience:

This was originally written when our daughter was about a year old. She’s now 18 months old. We still have never had to buy ANYTHING extra since she was born. (With the exception of more laundry/washing detergent.) I personally have also cloth diapered my oldest since he was 12 months all the way to potty training and my middle child from birth to 12 months (not after that due to major, long-term family hardship that made doing diaper laundry very difficult. At the time I wasn’t aware that it was possible to wash cloth diapers without the use of a washing machine. Turns out, it is! Here’s more info on that.)


The Cloth Diaper Goods:

Most of these links are to Amazon. It’s easier to buy them if you have PRIME BUT, you should be able to get free shipping anyway if you purchase all at once because it will hit over the $49 free ship minimum.

What I use:

I use the prefold method (this link gives you a really good run down of how it works, but I don’t recommend buying from this site because it’ll cost a little more.)

These are the diapers. They take a little bit to learn but they’re not hard at all. Nick just doesn’t want to take the time to learn.

These are the little things that hold those in place.


Now, those size prefolds only fit with the little snappi things (the second link) through about 6-9 months. That’s okay, I still use the same ones except now instead of folding the diaper all fancy and clasping it in place, I just fold it in thirds and put it in the diaper cover and fasten that up. Works great for the older baby and you don’t have to buy bigger prefolds!

The covers I use:

http://amzn.to/2dcr4s8 – Scroll down to the “frequently bought together” and just get all of those three, and more. I cycle through about 9 of these. If the diaper is wet, just set the cover to the side (I hang it over the side of the hamper) and let it dry and use it again a few times before washing. This is completely safe and saves money.


Talk to your partner. Explain to him how prefold diapers work. If you or they don’t think you want to use that method (it’s a bit more complicated, but it’s the cheapest, and once you do it once or twice you’ll have it figured out) You can use these. My husband prefers these, so we actually have two sets of diapers. The ones above that I use, and the ones below. The brands I’m linking are fairly inexpensive, but not as much as those above.

Pocket Diapers
You just stuff the insert in these and go. Seriously takes no brain power. We have two full sets of the ones I’m linking (12) and they work awesome. There’s lots of different sets to choose from too, so you can get different ones.


Last – You’ll want at least two of these guys and a regular kitchen trash can (with a lid) to keep them in. This is your diaper bin/pail. You put the dirty diapers in here (wets can go right in, make sure if it’s the pocket diaper like I linked as the second option, that you take the liner out, it’s pretty mess-free.  Poops will need to get rinsed – unless you’re exclusively breastfeeding, that poop is all water soluble and can go right in too)
http://amzn.to/2d75c5f – Get two of these to rotate through your new “trash can” (now called your diaper bin!) Scroll down on this same page and you’ll find ones with zippers that are smaller, get one or two of these to keep in the diaper bag for changes on the go. We have one and it’s plenty for us.

Eventually, even if you EBF at first, you will have to rinse poops when they start eating solids. This gadget will save your life.
http://amzn.to/2cLVAuR – There are several other brands available too, this is just the one we have.

Washing Your Cloth Diapers:

Lastly, I highly recommend using WISK (the regular red bottle) to wash in. You can also use original Tide. There are plenty of “cloth diaper detergents” out there that are much more expensive than WISK or TIDE. I don’t recommend other brands or homemade detergent (even though I use homemade laundry soap on the clothes for the rest of our family) for cloth diapers as they either won’t get the diapers clean enough or the ingredients may not be safe and will ruin your diapers.

Again, here’s that handy article from Fluff Love about washing your cloth diapers without the use of a washing machine.

I’ll publish a short article next week on how I wash cloth diapers WITH a washing machine system.


PLEASE contact me if you have any other questions. If you’re a personal friend, you can likely reach me via facebook. If you came across this page randomly, feel free to email me slynn721[at]gmail.com.

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