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Mar 10 2015

Guess Where We’re Going!?


EINmade, my craft baby, the etsy store in which I sell my sewn creations as accessories for knitters, crocheters, and all crafters who may desire to use them, has been going some cool places. We’re not “officially” launched yet. And by that I mean, I’ve been doing small stock updates to the shop for the …

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Feb 21 2015

Crafty Happenings


Hello Everyone! I just wanted to update you all on some crafty happenings around here! First of all, if you’re following the Facebook page you may have seen a post about our Etsy shop, run mostly by me with a small child “assistant.” We’re currently working hard to complete the full product release for March …

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Jan 12 2015

What’s Up Here for 2015


So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been a little absent, particularly in the last 8 weeks or so. It’s not necessarily on purpose, but considering the preparations for Christmas and our wedding, I’m forgiving myself for all time off. You see, on December 13th Nick & I got married (yay!) and then took an …

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Oct 14 2014

I’m too sick, bribe me…


I’m too sick to write, unless of course you’re going to let me barter a blog post for a burrito. In that case, this blog post today is sponsored by Gorgon Reviews, or specifically, Nick. I’m super sick right now, some icky head cold B.S. that has my sinuses all stuffed up. It hurts to …

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