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Dec 16 2018

Best investment !!!

Jan 14 2017

How We Cloth Diaper On The Cheap

My Cloth Diaper Experience: This was originally written when our daughter was about a year old. She’s now 18 months old. We still have never had to buy ANYTHING extra since she was born. (With the exception of more laundry/washing detergent.) I personally have also cloth diapered my oldest since he was 12 months all …

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Oct 08 2015

Just Some Photos – Life in Iowa

Street Light

I was recently cleaning out my cabinet when I found my old camera. I decided to pull all the photos off it and take a look through them. I found some very interesting photos, most of them (actually all of them) from when I lived in Iowa from Spring 2012 to 2014.     Thanks …

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Jul 07 2015

Women Entrepreneurs – Heather Davis

The second, but admittedly the most unique (in my opinion,) edition in our series of Women Entrepreneurs is the awesome Heather’s Haberdashery and founder/creator Heather Davis. I met Heather through a mutual friend via Facebook awhile ago because we share similar views on women’s rights. Heather is an awesome person in general, but when I …

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