Jan 22 2015

Citrus Lane: Left a Sour Lemon Taste

I’m sure you know what a subscription box is, and if you do, feel free to ignore all the words in italics directly following here. But in case you don’t; A subscription box is commonly known as a package you receive on a regular basis, typically monthly or bi-monthly, with anywhere between 3-30 items that fit that box’s particular theme. You purchase the subscription on a monthly to yearly basis and you typically will only get things you want, need, or might need, based on the box subscription you’re buying.

There are a few boxes I’ve tried and liked, but a few that I definitely didn’t. For this series of posts, starting with this one, I’m going to talk mostly about the ones we’ve tried and didn’t like, and why exactly we didn’t like them. Then of course I’ll recommend a few good ones!

For Kids

citrus lane logo kids

Citrus Lane
This is a monthly subscription designed to send you age appropriate toys and books for your child.

I received this box for two months before deciding it really wasn’t for us. It may be an option for some families but for the following reasons, it wasn’t a good fit for ours. We set up the profile for Scarlet, our 3-year-old daughter. We originally selected the gender neutral option in hopes that she’d be more likely to receive puzzles and books as opposed to dolls and glitter. Before the second box we updated the profile to “girl.”

  • They translate “gender neutral” to “socially accepted as boy things.” They sent nothing that I may find in the girl section of a store but they did send a tractor toy, a bag of crackers, a tube of kid safe sunscreen, and one wooden train toy.
  • These are all appropriate for both boys & girls, but nothing would’ve interested her and nothing was educational.
  • Also, they sent in this a box a very not-age-appropriate book, roughly for a 3rd grade reading level.
  • The second box held a super hero cape (yay!) and a couple wooden toys, along with another bag of crackers. It was far more worth it’s paid value.
  • No puzzles or educational toys. The cape was a great choice and we actually ended up giving it to the kids for Christmas.

Due to the fact that they don’t seem to be attempting at all to nurture my kids’ education and their attempt at gender neutrality was a “What do boys like?” cop out, we don’t subscribe to the box anymore.

Rating: Yes / (No) / Maybe

For more subscription box reviews, I’d have you click “here” except that this is the first one and the rest haven’t been published yet. Go figure, you’re super ahead of the game. They should all be posted by the end of January though, so if you’d like to get one quick email blast when they’re all up, please send me an email (shelby@everythingisntnormal.com) and ask for one. Or just follow me on Facebook where you’ll see updates every time one is posted. :)

Note: This is a NON-PAID, personal review of a product or service. I received no compensation in any form and any/all products/services were purchased with my own money. The company related to this product or service, nor any parent company or competition, has compensated me for my published opinion. 

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