Jan 27 2013

Book Review: The Twisted Thread

I’ve finally completed The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon and I’d love to share my thoughts!

Claire Harkness, an intelligent, beautiful and mysterious girl at the prestigious Armitage Academy, is found dead in her room one morning. Faculty quickly learn that this privileged girl had also been pregnant and her newborn child missing. An English teaching intern, Madeline, had been one of the teachers residing in Claire’s dorm building. She finds herself assisting in the very private case in searching for Claire’s killer and baby. Coincidentally, the detective on the case is a graduate of this very elite boarding school community and as an alumnus uses his experiences and knowledge of the inner workings of the school to aid in the search.

I enjoyed this book tremendously, however, I had a hard time really getting into it in the beginning. This may have been to some extent my own fault; It took 2.5 weeks just to get through 1/4 of the book. After that it took just 4 days to complete the last 75%. The short changing third person chapters were difficult to follow. I don’t normally have an issue with changing third person but each chapter was only a few pages long, with the story only progressing in about 5 minutes of activity at time, especially at the beginning. Once I was able to really delve into the story and the plot started twisting (pun not intended) I started to enjoy it more and really love it. In the end I’m satisfied with the book; it really makes you think.

Rating: 4/5

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