Aug 26 2014

Book Review: Soapsuds

Today I bring you the long awaited review of soapsuds. Just kidding, you haven’t been waiting for this for more than a day, if at all. :D Anyway, Soapsuds is a novel written by Finola Hughes and Digby Diehl.


This novel is a long adventurous tale of a soap star, Kate McPhee, who leaves her London acting career for one in America after being dumped by her boyfriend. In California, she meets a plethora of eligible men, loves to hate her job, and somehow gets occasionally mistaken for a lesbian. It’s quite fun to experience from a close, inside perspective what it allegedly is like to be an actress in daytime television.

Kate is, for the most part, a really down to earth and intelligent woman, however I don’t always trust her judgment, specifically when it comes to men. I think the main star of the novel is actually her cat, Drusilla. In fact, I’d likely much rather read this book from her point of view, as she seems to be the most sensible character of the lot. I question the realism of most of the events, however because I’ve never lived in, or even been to Hollywood, I guess I can’t say for certain. Finola Hughes is a soapstar as well, so I have to imagine there has to be something to it.

Regardless, I’m not typically happy with Kate’s behavior some of the time, and I really wish the authors hadn’t made a certain, canine-loving rascal, run away. I think he would’ve been a better mate for Kate. For this reason specifically, I can only give the book a 3/5. It’s a great read, not a typical romance novel but with a little bit of naughty. My only grievance is I think the writers should’ve done something different with her relationships. Check it out.

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