Apr 18 2014

Big News! We’re Moving!

We’re moving! No, not the blog – I’m content right here. But this family is about to move our physical location! About 2 months ago (yes, I’m a bit late on the new news part, but there were other factors) Nick was offered a job by a really awesome company and he accepted. He starts May 26th, after he finishes grad school here in Iowa. The caveat, which we expected when he was applying to jobs, is that we’re moving to HOUSTON, TEXAS! I’m pretty excited about this, considering that although I’ve lived in the North Midwest my entire life, I’ve never once really liked it. The one time I moved out of this area was to Mississippi for two months during Spring of 2010 and I can tell you I’ve missed it ever since.

This move includes tons of new changes for our life. We’re moving into a bigger house, because four people in two tiny bedrooms of a duplex unit is miserable. Everyone who does it, I feel ya. We’re going to have a fenced in backyard and a garage, so I’m seriously looking forward to building a few things. We’re also hoping to adopt a dog at some point, something we haven’t done due to lack of space or leasing allowances over the last 2 years. And the kids? Well they’re ecstatic. They’re really looking forward to having extra space, their own rooms, going to school, and more.

Now, I would’ve shared all this news way sooner, but I had to wait until we had dates and places all figured out so that I could give resignation at work. I realize 6 weeks notice might sound like a lot, but because I’ll have to train one or two new hires, my boss really needed it. Now that my resignation is in, I can share this awesome news with the world. I’m really excited to share more along our journey as well as having more time to write.

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